AW Rating
Features & Options:

2-1/2” Profile / Thermal Break
Commercial Grade: 1/16” Wall Thickness.
Heavy Duty: 1/8” Wall Thickness.
¼” or 1” Glass Prep.
4-Bar Hinges / Cam Handles (Windows)
Butt Hinges / Rotary Handles
Multi-Point Lock (Casement)
Screen (Optional)

Clear Anodized
Dark Bronze Anodized
White Painted
Bronze Painted
Custom Finishes Available

GAMCO ProductGamco Model/DescriptionHeavy Commercial(HC)/ Commercial(C)Wall ThicknessFrame DepthMinimum SizeMaximum SizeAir-StdWater-psfDeflect-psfStruct-psfMatching Fixed FrameScreen AvailableFlanged FameColors
W250C Thermal Single Out-swing*0.0622.518" x 24"30" x 60"****W250C FixedYESYESClear Anodized
Dark Bronze Anodized
White Painted
Bronze Painted
W250C Thermal Twin In or Out-swing*0.0622.536" x 24"60" x 60"****W250C Fixed
W250HC Thermal Single Out-swingC-HC1000.1252.518" x 24"36" x 60"0.1127100.0150W250HC Fixed
W250HC Thermal Twin In or Out-swing*0.1252.536" x 24"72" x 60"****W250HC Fixed
W250C Thermal Projected In or OutP-C600.0622.518" x 18"60" x 48" Fixed
W250HC Thermal Projected In or OutP-HC700.1252.518" x 18"60" x 48"0.071570.0105W250HC Fixed
W250C Fixed Thermal F-C600.0622.524" x 24"84" x 84"<
W250HC Fixed Thermal F-HC700.1252.524" x 24"84" x 84"<0.071570.0105YES
AwningsP-C 65P-HC 70
HoppersP-C 65P-HC 70
CasementP-C 65C-HC 100
CasementC-AW 60
Fixed LiteF-C 110


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Test Reports:
W250C Awning Structural Test Report (AAMA205.01)
W250C Fixed Structural Test Report (AAMA205.01)
W250C Out Casement Structural Test Report (AAMA205.01)
W250C Thermal Test Report
W250HC Sound Test Report
W250HC Structural Test Report

GAMCO Product/TypeDrawing-PDF FileDrawing-CAD File
W250C Fix LiteW250C-Fix LiteW250C-Fix Lite
W250C Awning with Cam HandleW250C-Awning With Screen Cam HandleW250C-Awning With Screen Cam Handle
W250C Awning with Rotary HandleW250C-Awning With Rotary HandleW250C-Awning With Rotary Handle
W250C Stacked AwningW250C-Awning StackedW250C-Awning Stacked
W250C HopperW250C-Hopper With ScreenW250C-Hopper With Screen
W250C Stacked HopperW250C-Hopper StackedW250C-Hopper Stacked
W250C Casement Windows over Fix LiteW250C-Casement Twin Swing OutW250C-Casement Twin Swing Out
W250HC Fix Lite with True MullionsW250HC-Fix LiteW250HC-FixLite
W250HC Fix Lites over AwningsW250HC-Awning With Fix LiteW250HC-Awning With Fix Lite
W250HC Twin HoppersW250HC-Hopper TwinW250HC-Hopper Twin
W250HC Fix Lites between Casements (In-Swing)W250HC-Casement Swing InW250HC-Casement Swing In
W250HC Casement over LouverW250HC-Casement With LouverW250HC-Casement With Louver