BD325 BALCONY DOORBuilding Fenestration


AW50 Rating
Features & Options:

3-1/4” Frame Profile
1/8” Wall Thickness
Insul-bar Thermal Break
1” Insulated Clear Tempered Glass
European Locket
Multi-Point Lock System
Double Door Available
Transom and Sidelite
In-Swing and Out-Swing


Clear Anodized
Dark Bronze Anodized
White Painted
Bronze Painted
Custom Finishes Available


BD-325 Balcony Door Model Detail
GAMCO Brochure BD325
GAMCO Product Catalog
Adjustable Hinge Instruction
Balcony Doors Multi-point Lock Operation (BD325 Series)
Catalog-Product Architectural Details

Test Reports:
Balcony Door Guide Spec
Balcony Door Acoustical Test Report
Balcony Door Thermal Test Report
Balcony Door BD325 Sound Test Report
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Balcony Door BD325 Thermal Test Report