GAMCO custom manufactures structural glass skylights and solariums for commercial applications. The SK-2000 Series skylight systems utilize extruded aluminum members with integral condensate gutter gasket pockets to channel any moisture to the exterior of the structures, thus preventing air and moisture infiltration. This offers a clean appearance, while structurally meeting the required design loads and deflection criteria. Units are available in curb mount self-flashing styles to the exact designs needed for your projects.

TypeSingle PitchPyramidDouble Pitch
Size (Width X Height)10′-0″ X 10′-0″8′-0″ X 8′-0″5′-0″ X 10′-0″
ASTM E 283Air Infiltration@6.24 PSF (50MPH)0.01 CFM/FT0.01 CFM/FT0.03 CFM/FT
ASTM E 331Water Test Pressure (No Leakage)15 PSF15 PSF18 PSF
ASTM E 330Uniform Structural Test To Positive & Negative Pressure (No Damage)90 PSF150 PSF180 PSF
GAMCO ProductGamco Model/
Wall ThicknessFrame DepthProfileGlazing
Minimum SizeMaximum Size w/o Structural ReinforcementColorStainless Steel Cladding
Pyramid0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"3' x 3'22' x 22'Clear Anodized

Dark Bronze

White Paint
Single Slope Lean-To0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"2' x 2'22' x 200'
Ridge w/- Gable end0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"2' x 4'40' x 200' +
Ridge0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"2' x 4'40' x 200' +
Hipped Ridge0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"2' x 4'36' x 200' +
Straight Eave Sunroom0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"2' x 2' x2'22' x 22' x 200'
Segmented Vault & Dome0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"5' x 5'30' x 30'
Octagon / Polygon0.1252" to 11"2"1/4" to 1"4' x 4'30' x 30'

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Test Reports:
Skylight Double Pitched 2 Gable Ends Test Report
Skylight-Pyramid Test Report

GAMCO Product/TypeDrawing-PDF File
Ridge – Wall EndsRidge – Wall Ends
Double Pitch – Gable EndsDouble Pitch – Gable Ends
Double Pitch – Hip EndsDouble Pitch – Hip Ends
Ridge on CurbRidge on Curb
Double Pitch – Gable Ends with PurlinsDouble Pitch – Gable Ends with Purlins
Double Pitch – Reverse Hip EndsDouble Pitch – Reverse Hip Ends
Double Pitch – Gable EndsDouble Pitch – Gable Ends
Single Pitch – Hip CornersSingle Pitch – Hip Corners
Single Pitch – Wall Mounted (Lean-To)Single Pitch – Wall Mounted (Lean-To)