Features & Options:
Butt Hinge / Offset Pivot
Center Hung / Offset Hung with C.O.C / Floor Closer
Standard / C-Pull and Push Handles
Long /Short Lever Handle
Paddle Release / Panic Device
Standard Ms Lock / Latch Lock
Electric Strike / Magnetic Lock

*Other options: specific hardware upon request

D-Series Doors with FG-Series Flush Glaze System
FG-450(1-3/4″ x 4-1/2″)Non-Thermal Break
FG-451(2″ x 4-1/2″)Non-Thermal Break
FG-451 T(2″ x 4-1/2″)Thermal Break

TypeMedium Stile DoorFlush Glaze FG-450Flush Glaze FG-451
Size (Width X Height)3′-0″ x 7′-0″10′-5″ x 8′-0″10′-5″ x 8′-0″
ASTM E 283Air Infiltration@6.24 PSF (50MPH)2.00 CFM/SQFT0.01 CFM/SQFT0.015 CFM/SQFT
ASTM E 331Water Test Pressure (No Leakage)1.57 PSF10.00 PSF12.00 PSF
ASTM E 330Uniform Structural Test To Positive & Negative Pressure (No Damage)82.50 PSF52.5 PSF52.5 PSF

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Test Reports:
D-350 Medium Stile Door Test Report
D-350 Medium Stile AAMA507 Thermal Test Report
FG450 Structural Test Report
FG451 Structural Test Report
FG451T Thermal AAMA507 Test Report
FG451T Structural Test Report

GAMCO Product/TypeDrawing-PDF FileDrawing-CAD File
FG450 Frame
Narrow Stile Single Door
Narrow Stile Single DoorNarrow Stile Single Door
FG450 Frame with Transom
Narrow Stile Pair Door
Narrow Stile Double DoorNarrow Stile Double Door
FG450 Frame
Medium Stile Single Door
Medium Stile Single DoorMedium Stile Single Door
FG451 Frame
Medium Stile Pair Door
Medium Stile Double DoorMedium Stile Double Door
FG451T Thermal Break Frame with Transom
Wide Stile Single Door
Wide Stile Single DoorWide Stile Single Door
FG451T Thermal Break Frame
Wide Stile Pair Door
Wide Stile Double DoorWide Stile Double Door