Custom Metals by Gamco Corp. Grace New Upscale Residence

A new upscale private residence in Queens, NY prominently features custom curtain wall fenestration and metal claddings fabricated by Gamco Corporation of Flushing, NY. The stunning newly constructed home is located on Shore Drive in Astoria and with its three-story-tall Gamco curtain wall boasts outstanding views of the East River and iconic Hellgate and RFK/Triborough Bridges. The Gamco products add to the building’s striking presence on a modest infill corner lot in the low- to mid-rise urban residential neighborhood.

“Our extensive product line of quality custom fenestration and architectural metals is most often found in notable commercial or institutional buildings, but this project demonstrates our products are also well suited for upscale residences,” said Johnson Chen, General Manager of Gamco Corporation. “Gamco’s designers, craftsmen, and I are all delighted this project turned out so well.”

For the Astoria residence project, Gamco supplied dramatic curtain wall framing as well as custom metal column covers and canopy/balcony fascia panels. Gamco’s CW250 2-½” aluminum product was used for the building’s curtain wall framing. With 2-½” x 3-⅞” back member profiles, the framing features a 1” glazing pocket for insulated glass units and Gamco spandrel panels. The impressive curtain wall system, over 28’ tall, spans three levels of the residence, and is approximately 25’ wide. Erected using two angles, the curtain wall forms the southwest corner of the structure, providing beautiful views of the water and bridges.

The curtain wall system was mated with three 2-panel aluminum sliding doors supplied by Crystal Window & Door Systems, allowing each level access to balconies and the outdoor raised patio. Special angle and strap anchors were used to secure the curtain wall framing to the building’s structural steel columns and beams. Gamco’s 25002 End Cap System provided the perimeter interface between the curtain wall and the building’s structure and sliding doors.

Tapping into its architectural metal expertise, Gamco fabricated custom three-story tall ⅛” thick aluminum covers to clad the building’s vertical structural steel columns. The company also supplied the aluminum cladding for the large rooftop canopy and balcony fascia surfaces. To assure continuity of the building’s aesthetics, all the exposed Gamco aluminum curtain wall framing, covers, and claddings were finished in a RAL 8014 matte Sepia Brown custom color to match the home’s wood siding and soffits.

In addition to sliding patio doors, Crystal Windows of Flushing, NY also supplied fixed picture and sliding windows for the project. Vitro SB70 glass was used in the various tempered insulating glass units fabricated by both Oldcastle Glass of Hauppage, NY, and Tempco Glass Fabrication of Flushing, NY. Mike the Glazier of Flushing, NY provided the fenestration and architectural metal
installation services.

The project architect was Gerald J. Caliendo, AIA, of Briarwood, NY, and the general contractor was D&F Construction Group of Levittown, NY.