Gamco Supplies New Rochelle Hospital Fenestration

Gamco Corporation, a leading New York metro area fabricator of architectural metal and glass systems, is pleased to have played a key role in recent renovation work at New Rochelle Montefiore Hospital in Westchester County, NY. Gamco fenestration and façade products were used in two simultaneous major renovation projects in separate areas of the hospital campus. One involved the creation of a new Emergency Department entrance for the main hospital building. The other was the demolition of an existing building façade and installation of a new front glass curtain wall and building rear windows on the Goldstein Building wing of the hospital. The projects also included substantial interior renovation in addition to the façade work.

Located at 16 Guion Place in the city of New Rochelle, NY, the large hospital complex, which occupies several blocks, is situated just off Interstate 95 north of the New York City border. The hospital was one of the early New York metro area medical epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic and much of the renovation work continued during that period.

“Our broad capabilities to design and produce high-end architectural metal and glass systems allowed Gamco to supply nearly all the façade and fenestration products needed for this critical medical facility renovation,” said Johnson Chen, General Manager for Gamco. “By consulting with the project leaders during the design phase, we were able to offer the most effective products to meet the project aesthetic and functional specifications at the best value.”

The largest part of the project was the creation of an entirely new façade for the Goldstein Building wing of the hospital which fronts Glover Johnson Place. The façade on this sloped street transitions from two to four floors. A mixture of two curtain wall systems and fixed windows were supplied by Gamco for this phase of the project.

For most of the façade, Gamco custom fabricated 4,600-ft2 of YKK’s YCW 750 OG curtain wall. The YCW 750 OG system is an outside glazed, shear block, stick built system with concealed fasteners. The system’s aluminum framing features 2-½” sightlines, 5-¼” back members, 7-½” overall depth, and 1” insulated glass unit (IGU) glazing pockets. (This main curtain wall will eventually be covered by an extensive sunshade system supplied by others.)

The façade’s two multi-story entrance areas used Gamco’s CW-250 curtain wall framing with 2-½” sightlines and 5-¼” back members as well as Gamco’s D350 medium stile commercial glass doors. This part of the hospital project also called for 22 Gamco fixed W250C aluminum frame windows installed in two ribbon configurations of 11 each. All the Gamco products accept 1” IGUs.

On the backside of the Goldstein Building, 42 additional large Gamco W250C aluminum fixed windows with divided lites were installed in 77”-wide by 55”-tall punched openings. The Gamco W250C windows feature a 2-⅛” profile, 2-½” depth and AAMA test ratings of CW-PG30/F-C60.

Part of the main building, Gamco CW-250 curtain wall system forms the hospital’s newly constructed modern Emergency Entrance on Guion Place. The Gamco curtain wall framing consists of a tall single-story curved segmented glass entrance with glass vestibule and a flanking glass panel wall. (The two sets of automatic sliding doors were provided by others.) The CW-250 curtain wall framing for the Emergency Entrance features 2-½” sightlines, 5-¼” back members, and 1” IGUs. A total of 2,400-ft2 of Gamco CW-250 curtain wall was supplied for the Emergency Entrance and Goldstein Building portions of the hospital project.

Both the YKK and Gamco aluminum curtain wall as well as the Gamco windows and entrance doors used 1” IGUs tempered and fabricated by Tempco Glass Fabrication of Flushing, NY. The IGUs are double panes of Guardian ¼” glass, with either Guardian SunGuard SN68 coated lights for vision panels or a white spandrel glass where obscured panels were needed. All the Gamco and YKK aluminum curtain wall, glass entrance doors, and commercial windows were fabricated from clear anodized finish material.

The original building of what is now the Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital complex was constructed in 1892. The facility has been renovated and expanded many times over the past 120 years. The hospital has 242 in-patient beds, plus 150 at an adjacent senior extended care facility. The New Rochelle hospital complex is part of the Montefiore Health System and provides care to residents of southern Westchester County, northern New York City, and southwestern Connecticut.

Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital is the property owner and Stantec Consulting Services, of New York, NY, acted as the owner’s representative project manager for the renovation projects. Perkins Eastman of New York, NY, was the architect for the Emergency Entrance work and Ronald Schmidt and Associates of Englewood, NJ, was the architect for the Goldstein Building renovation including the building’s façade fenestration.

Benji Construction Corporation of College Point, NY, was the fenestration installation contractor and Tempco Glass Fabrication of Flushing, NY, produced the insulated glass for both the new Emergency Entrance and the Goldstein Building curtain wall and window systems.