Gamco‘s new Invisiguard™ is designed with simplicity and ease of communication in mind. It protects the safety of users, but is nearly transparent, allowing for completely unobstructed interaction. From office counters to grocery checkouts, retail stores to school desks, Invisiguard™ provides clarity and peace of mind during these uncertain times.


Sanitary Easy-Clean Double Coating

  • We apply a coating that bonds to the glass by filling the peaks and valleys of the surface, creating a hydrophobic non-porous barrier
  • Both sides are water and oil repellent, thus guarding against the saliva in coughs and sneezes.
  • Clean with a single swipe without leaving streaks
  • The coating is an effective shield against pollutants, dust, staining, corrosion, and scratches


Interact Safely Without Distraction

  • Using 1/4″ low-iron tempered glass, you get maximum transparency and visible light transmittance, allowing you to interact as if without a barrier
  • With high-shine polished edges, you get clean lines and lasting elegance
  • More hygienic than acrylic, our glass is also more resistant to dust, fingerprints, scratches, crazing, and yellowing

Easy Installation with Custom Solutions

  • Color: Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Material: 3-3/8″ Square Base or Bevel Base Shoe
  • Glass: 1/4” low-iron tempered glass with sanitary easy-clean coating on both sides
  • Lead time: Three days on standard configs
  • Accessories: 1-1/4″ U-Channel Anchor with Pre-Lined 3M Tape, 1/4″ glass setting blocks, and Pre-Drilled Holes for fasteners
  • Easy-Glaze: Our unique dry-glaze solution allows you to center, set, and fasten our glass by merely positioning and dropping it in
  • Designed with an optional document or product-exchange slot
  • Maximum height of 26-1/2” from top to bottom, including base shoe


INVISIGUARD™ Product Detail