Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Gamco Entrance

The GAMCO story is one of vision, hard work and commitment to excellence. The company was founded by John Chang and his wife Beatrice Chew as a full-service storefront glazing, installation company, for builders and property owners in New York City. Despite their diligence and attention to detail, they were not satisfied with the quality and service GAMCO’s fenestration suppliers offered. Chang and Chew then made the bold move away from installation services to manufacturing products themselves. This change of focus enabled GAMCO to deliver the quality, customization and design distinction its customers demanded.

GAMCO has since expanded its physical plant twice. Its strategic growth has been carefully planned and steady, each step responding to an opportunity to fulfill a market need or set a trend. GAMCO has cultivated a vast network of dealers to handle sales and installations, and is expanding outside the New York City region along the East Coast.

Gamco Machinery

Strengths and Capabilities
GAMCO products are consistently the highest in quality, made with old-world custom craftsmanship that only expert fabricators can render. Its fenestration systems are designed to completely integrate with other architectural elements, with exactly matching finishes and style on every component.

GAMCO’s experience and dedication is apparent in all aspects of a project – from concept, through engineering and production to delivery. The firm’s highly trained and longtime staff has developed and honed the company’s technical expertise. Because GAMCO began as an installation firm, its knowledge of building construction ensures flawless product customization every time.

GAMCO’s customer service is exemplary, evident from the moment of consultation to project completion. Reliability is paramount for GAMCO, and its customers have come to expect the high level of confidence and satisfaction that GAMCO delivers.

GAMCO’s custom manufacturing utilizes industry-leading equipment and machinery with a wide array of capabilities to create any design. Automated CNC hydraulic shear and punch presses, brake metal bending equipment and fine finishing and polishing machinery allow GAMCO technicians to produce beautiful architectural and fenestration components.

GAMCO offers a full range of custom products including:

  • Storefront and entranceway systems
  • Skylights and solariums
  • Window and curtain wall systems
  • Architectural canopies and sunshades
  • Commercial aluminum terrace and folding doors
  • Commercial aluminum windows
  • Special metal cladding for entrances and storefronts
  • Aluminum polished column covers
  • Custom architectural railings
  • Ornamental grills and covers
  • Unique metal and glass sales and informational displays
  • Custom metal and glass structural elements
  • Interior glass walls

Markets and Geographic Region
GAMCO serves architects, specifiers, contractors, construction professionals and property owners and managers throughout the New York Metropolitan Area and is expanding beyond. Working closely with its network of dealers and installation companies, GAMCO has manufactured high-end fenestration systems and custom architectural metal appointments for commercial offices, cultural and public institutional properties, high-rise multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings, landmark and historic properties, and public transportation venues.